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Dirtiest places in an Office

The office is a place where you spend many hours a day, and coexist with different people. Though it may not seem like it, the dirt and grime at the office may be more than you think.

But where exactly are these places?


Desks, furniture, tables and other surfaces tend to be the main place where dirt accumulates, because this is where most of the activities take place therefore it is most probable to be full of all kinds of bacteria and dirt.

Dust and food consumed by workers can dirty the furniture. We recommended using a disinfectant with an antibacterial effect and a pleasant smell to clean these areas and to bee sure to wipe them every day to prevent dust.


Carpets are often a magnet for dirt in the office. Dust, bacteria and microorganisms are in these spaces and are a bit more complicated to remove. You should resort to using a vacuum cleaner at least three times a week, preferably daily, to avoid the reproduction of microbes.


Telephones, printers and computers are the protagonists of work and for this reason the dirt in the office mostly accumulates there. It is essential that they are frequently disinfected and dusted daily. In addition it is recommended to implement the use of antibacterial with employees, since this helps prevent the spread of diseases.


Floors are the ones that receive all the dirt, bacteria and microorganisms carried by everyone. Changing the carpet regularly and cleaning the floors with antibacterial is the solution to eliminating the problem.

The offices and crowded places of companies are a magnet for dirt. But these specific places are some of the ones you should be most careful with.

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