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Keeping The Office Tidy

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Having a clean area really helps when the technician goes to clean or disinfect the office, and we know working in an office can sometimes get a bit hectic and you don't have much to organize your area, which is why we are going to share with you all some fast and easy tips on how to keep you area nice and organized.

  1. Divide your workplace from your personal space: We understand the struggle of having your paperwork all over the place, which is why we recommend using dividers, or file holders to make sure you have your papers organized and so you have some free personal space as well.

  2. Create a pending bin: It happens that you're waiting to hear from your boss before signing off a pending project, little by little all these waiting to hear back papers start making unnecessary clutter on the desk. That's what the pending bin is for, you all the pending items have a temporary home while they get finished. This will help you keep most clutter caused by papers to a minimum.

  3. Organize your drawers: Trust us on this one! We know how tempting it is to just stuff all your pens, post-its, random things etc… into your desk drawer, but don't! There are better ways to organize all those small things into the drawer, the answer is simple drawer dividers. These almost magical dividers help separate your drawer into many sections, you can choose the size and place of the section which really helps when you have items of all kinds of sizes.

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